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By Prestige Podiatry
August 29, 2019
Category: Toenail Fungus
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Toenail fungus, an unsightly and sometimes painful condition, is an unfortunately common complaint amongst adults. For decades, oral foot fungusmedications and over-the-counter creams have been the go-to solutions for toenail fungus, but laser treatments are quickly gaining in popularity due to their quick and reliable results.

Here at Prestige Podiatry in both Carmel and Indianapolis, IN, your podiatrist, Jeffrey Agricola, performs this procedure, and is confident in its effectiveness. Read on to learn if it is right for you!


How do I know if I have toenail fungus?

The signs of fungal nail infection can creep up gradually and worsen over time. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to diagnosis toenail fungus, as the condition generally causes yellowish discoloration of the nail, flaking or crumbling of the skin around the nail bed, and a thickening, curving, shifting, or creasing of the nail.


What makes laser treatment a good option for treating my toenail fungus?

While prescription oral medications have proven effective, as with all medications, there is a risk of side effects or adverse interactions with other medications you may be taking. Additionally, it takes time for your nail to regrow after the medication takes effect, creating a possibility for the fungus to return.

As for topical ointments, they are generally less effective than prescription medications, and may not completely eradicate the fungus or prevent it from coming back.

Conversely, laser treatment is a quick, painless, and FDA-endorsed procedure that has a very high success rate. Each session takes only around 30 minutes, and some people only need a single treatment to achieve the desired result.


How does laser treatment work?

Laser treatment eradicates fungus by killing the mold and infection with targeted heat. The powerful, yet safe, laser used by your podiatrist can penetrate the thickness of your toenail to reach all of the fungus.

The laser will be waved over all of your infected nails, a process lasting just around half an hour. You may need a follow-up treatment or two depending on how severe your toenail fungus is.


Interested? Give us a call

If you want to feel good about walking barefoot or showing off a pedicure, ask your podiatrist about laser treatment for your toenail fungus. Dial either (317) 846-4111 (Carmel office) or (317) 881-0070 (Indianapolis office) to arrange a consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Agricola.

By Carmel Foot & Ankle
June 12, 2018
Category: Toenail Fungus
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Toenail FungusPatients who use public showers or pools often experience a foot condition called toenail fungus. It is an infection caused by fungi living in and around the nail. Cases of toenail fungus can be successfully treated by a foot doctor at Prestige Podiatry in Carmel and Indianapolis, IN.

Toenail Fungus Effects
If you notice that your toenails have taken on a yellow or brownish color and are thick, chipped, and flaky, this is one of the clearest signs of toenail fungus. Toenail fungus can also make your toes emit an unpleasant smell. If you notice a strange odor on your socks or inside of your shoes, this may be the presence of a fungus infection. In extreme cases, the nail can detach from the nail bed, presenting a new risk to your foot health, so this is not a problem you should ignore.

Traditional Treatments
The traditional way of curing toenail fungus is to apply an antifungal medicine, such as a cream or special nail polish. This method sometimes works, but sometimes it takes a long while to see the positive effects. It can also be messy and difficult for patients to remember to apply the medicine regularly. Oral antifungal medication can also help but may come with undesirable side effects.

Benefits of Laser Treatment
Today the preferred method of curing toenail fungus cases is to use lasers. During a laser treatment, your Carmel and Indianapolis foot doctor applies laser heat through a special wand that eliminates the fungus and stops the infection. Healthy nail tissue begins to grow over the next few weeks. Lasers are pain-free and provide fast results and relief. The fungus could be neutralized after just one short appointment.

Take Care of Your Toes
Your toenails provide your feet with much-needed protection, so it is important that you take good care of them. Contact a Carmel and Indianapolis, IN foot doctor to get treatment for toenail fungus using a laser procedure. Call (317) 846-4111 for the Carmel, IN, office or (317) 881-0070 for the Indianapolis, IN, office today to schedule a visit with Dr. Jeffrey Agricola at Prestige Podiatry.

By contactus
January 03, 2014
Category: Toenail Fungus
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Your feet get you places—you run, walk and jump. And you probably put your feet under a lot of stress because of fashion. Feet need to be pampered, but people tend to forget about foot care, until a problem arises. One of those foot issues is toenail fungus.
A fungal infection can turn the toenail yellow or white, cause buildup (thick nail) or breakdown the structure of the nail (it may crumble or split). Sometimes the entire toenail can fall off. It’s not a pretty sight, and you can’t just wish it away. Proper action and treatment needs to be taken before you see any positive results. It’s important to follow these tips, so you can take better care of your feet.
Tips to avoid toenail fungus
  • Always keep your feet dry – fungi loves warm, moist areas
  • Wear shower shoes whenever you visit a public shower
  • Disinfect your shower if you share one with someone who has a fungal infection
  • Don’t share footwear with others
  • Take care of your feet when you get a cut or damage a nail—fungi can enter through these injured areas
How to treat toenail fungus
  • There are different ways to treat a fungal infection. Some of these treatments include:
  • Antifungal cream
  • Antifungal pills
  • Toenail fungus laser treatment
You should talk to your foot doctor in Indianapolis. Laser treatment is one of the best and most innovative ways to get rid of pesky fungi.
To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Agricola, foot doctor in Indianapolis, call (317) 881-0070 or submit an appointment form via our website. Your podiatrist in Indianapolis, Dr. Agricola, is ready to laser away at your toenail fungus. Everyone deserves healthy feet and toenails.