Heel and Arch Pain

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December 12, 2010
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Heel and Arch Pain
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If heel and arch pain is beginning to occupy your daily routine, then you could be experiencing the pain of a very common condition know as plantar fasciitis. The condition is common in athletes and runners, but can be present in anyone on their feet for extended periods or can occur regardless of activity level. The pain is usually most intense when rising after periods of rest, but can be present all day. The condition is treated successfully conservatively in most all cases and can be resolved quickly. Arch pain can also be a result of some common conditions such as flat feet or a flat foot deformity that is often treated conservatively as well with some type of arch support or orthotic. Orthtotics are often covered by insurance and can be an integral part of treatment.

Contact our office for a consultation and don't settle for foot pain. Other services common in the winter months involve a very successful treatment of fungal toenails or nail fungus with the use of a laser. Laser treatment of toenail fungus is common in the winter so as to have clear nails by the spring. We have convenient locations for all of your podiatry and foot and ankle conditions in Carmel, Indiana, Greenwood, Indiana, and Indianapolis, Indiana. Our podiatrists have many years of experience and are board certified in their field.