Heel Pain in Young Child Athletes

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December 26, 2010
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Heel Pain in Young Child Athletes

As your children's athletics begin to move inside, the increased pounding of the harder surfaces can bring on a common problem of heel pain in both female and male athletes. The pain is most commonly a result of the achilles tendon pulling on the growth plate in the back of the heel. The pain can affect the performance of the young athlete and even cause them to miss some activity. Our foot and ankle doctors / podiatrists in Indianapolois, Carmel, Indiana, and Greenwood, Indiana are specialized in the treatment of young athletes. The treatment for this common condition is conservatively managed and often involves the use of some specialized stretching and supportive orthotics or inserts to alleviate the stress on the growth plates and heels. X-Ray evaluation rules out any other deformities.

Our foot doctor treats all running and athletic related foot and ankle pain of all ages and is a current runner and former collegiate athlete himself. Call our podiatrist in Indianapolis, Carmel, Indiana, or Greenwood, Indiana for a quick resolution to your problems.

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