Nix Toenail Fungus for Good

By Dr. Jeffrey Agricola
December 01, 2014
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Indianapolis laser treatments will make you want to proudly bare your feet.

Even with summer winding down, we still aren’t ready to surrender our flip-flops just yet. This statement might be less true, however, for those who are dealing with toenail fungus. Toenail fungus can be rather embarrassing; however, there are successful ways to treat the problem so that you can bare those feet with confidence. If topical and oral antifungals just aren’t cutting it, we have something that could do the trick. Sit down, kick off those shoes (you know you want to!) and find out more about laser treatment in Indianapolis:
How does this laser treatment work?
Laser treatment for toenail fungus has become a fairly routine procedure, especially after the FDA approved it over four years ago. By passing a specialized laser through the toenail, we are able to kill the fungus that is growing under the nail without causing damage to the nail or the skin.
What are the benefits of laser treatment in Indianapolis?
We specifically target and breakdown that persistent fungus so your new toenail can grow in healthy. This laser treatment also boasts no side effects. This can be a happy relief for those who’ve taken either oral or topical antifungals in the past, as medications come with potential side effects. If you’re not interested in taking medication or the prescribed medication didn’t kill the fungus, then laser treatment may be a better option for you. Plus, the laser treatment is safe, effective and painless.
What should I expect to feel during the procedure?
As we mentioned above, the procedure is painless. Some patients have noticed a warming sensation (due to the laser) and others have felt nothing more than a pinprick.
How long does the laser treatment take?
This procedure is fairly quick. It takes roughly 30 to 45 minutes to treat the infected toe.
What will my recovery period be like?
The wonderful news is that there is no recovery period. Since this isn’t a surgical procedure and no anesthesia is needed, you can go on with the rest of your day. One session is often enough to kill the fungus completely. You can walk in and walk right back out with a healthy toenail.
Can the fungus come back?
After the laser treatment, we will give you some tips for preventing fungal infections in the future. While this procedure will kill the fungus you are currently dealing with, there is chance of reinfection simply because fungus is always in our environment.
Interested in fighting back against that chronic toenail fungus? Ready to wear flip-flops once again? Then give our office a call and let them know you’re interested in laser treatment in Indianapolis.
Patients: Has laser treatment helped rid you of your toenail fungus? What did you think of the procedure and how have your results been since?