When You Might Need Foot or Ankle Surgery

By Carmel Foot & Ankle
June 27, 2016
Category: Foot Health
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Discover the telltale signs that it might be time to consider foot surgery.

It’s amazing how much our feet do for us and yet we don’t often think about it until there is a problem. While many foot problems will go way on their own with some simple at-home measures and rest, there are some ailments that are more severe and may require more Foot Surgeryaggressive treatments. From the office of your Indianapolis, Carmel and Greenwood foot surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Agricola, find out the signs that it might be time to get foot surgery.

Do I need foot surgery?

Everybody is different and so it’s nearly impossible to determine whether you could benefit from foot surgery without coming in for a thorough medical consultation. One big factor that might determine whether surgery is necessary is what treatments you’ve already tried and for how long. Patients opting for conservative approaches that still don’t find relief after several months may need to talk to their foot surgeon serving Indianapolis, Carmel and Greenwood, IN, about whether surgery is the next viable option.

What are the different kinds of foot surgery?

There are many surgical options depending on the type of foot condition you are looking to treat. Here are some of the most common surgeries we perform:

Fusion: A fusion uses screws, pins or plates to join two or more bones together. This is often performed to treat arthritis of the foot or ankle.

Bunion: While many people can find relief from their bunion symptoms with conservative treatments, there are some whose bunions are so severe or painful that they can’t even walk without serious discomfort. When this happens it might be time to consider getting foot surgery serving Indianapolis, Carmel and Greenwood.

Hammertoe surgery: A hammertoe is a deformity of one or more of the joints in the toes that can progress if left untreated. Severe hammertoes are rigid and immobile. During surgery, part of the toe’s bone is realigned or fused to the joint to maintain the proper shape.

Tendon surgery: Those with serious tears or ruptures of a tendon may require surgery to change the size of the tendon to improve the overall function of the foot and mobility.

These are only some of the surgical options offered in our Indianapolis podiatric office serving Indianapolis, Carmel and Greenwood. If you are dealing with severe foot pain or other issues call Prestige Podiatry today to get the relief you need.