Issues that Can Be Treated with Foot or Ankle Surgery

By Prestige Podiatry
September 23, 2021
Category: Foot Care
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It’s important to know when it might be time to consider foot surgery.

When it comes to addressing foot and ankle problems, many conditions can be managed with conservative care under the supervision of your Carmel, and Indianapolis, IN, foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Agricola. However, what happens if you don’t notice any improvements in pain, stiffness, or other problems you’ve been putting up with? If you’ve been dealing with foot and ankle problems that aren’t responding to non-surgical treatment, this could be a telltale sign to consider surgery. Here are some of the most common foot and ankle issues we treat with surgery:

  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • Arthritis
  • Severe injuries and fractures
  • Achilles tendon rupture or tear
  • Other deformities (e.g. club foot)

Some of these conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, and arthritis can be treated through conservative methods and may never require surgery. It’s important to turn to your Carmel, and Indianapolis, IN, foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Agricola as soon as possible to map out a treatment plan that will prevent these progressive conditions from getting worse. Through medications and lifestyle changes, we can slow the progression of arthritis-related joint damage and the enlargement of your bunion.

Severe injuries such as ruptures, tears, and fractures may require surgery to repair the damaged tissue, ligament, tendon, or muscle. While more minor injuries can be treated with rest, splinting or bracing, icing, and pain relievers, more severe injuries will require surgery to improve the overall functionality and strength of the injured foot and ankle.

Should I consider foot and ankle surgery?

Many people can live with certain progressive and chronic foot and ankle problems and easily control their symptoms without ever needing surgery, but sometimes surgery is necessary. There are many factors that we will need to consider to determine whether surgery may be the ideal next step for you. These factors include:

  • Your activity level
  • The severity of your symptoms
  • Whether or not you’re responding to nonsurgical treatments

If your pain isn’t properly managed with conservative and nonsurgical care, and your symptoms are severe enough to impact your daily routine and quality of life, these are often the biggest signs that a patient could benefit from foot and ankle surgery.

If you’ve been dealing with foot and ankle pain that isn’t getting better, then it’s time to talk with our Carmel, and Indianapolis, IN, foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Agricola about whether surgery may be the next step. To schedule a consultation with us, call Prestige Podiatry today at (317) 846-4111 or (317) 881-0070.