Bunion Treatment and Correction


Ease Bunion Pain with Conservative Treatment or Bunion Surgery from Trusted Indianapolis Podiatrist

That prominent bump on your big toe joint may be a bunion. Increased pressure on the bunion can make the condition worse, causing pain and swelling, and interfering with your day to day activities.

Signs that you may be suffering from a bunion:

  • Firm bump on your big toe joint
  • Pain, swelling or redness surrounding the bunion
  • Restricted motion of the big toe
  • Big toe deviates toward other toes
  • Pain while wearing shoes or performing normal activities

Identifying the deformity early in its development is crucial to stop the pain and avoid surgery. Seek expert care from your podiatrist at the first sign of pain. Left untreated, bunions typically grow larger and more painful, making conservative treatment less effective.

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