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By Prestige Podiatry
July 24, 2020
Category: Foot Care

Laser treatment is among the most popular therapies for skin smoothening and hair reduction, but it can actually be used for treating stubborn onychomycosis or toenail fungus.

Here at Prestige Podiatry in our Indianapolis, IN, and Carmel, IN, offices, our foot doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Agricola, uses laser therapy for treating persistent toenail fungal infections.

How Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus Works

The device used for laser toenail fungus therapy emits laser energy pulses that generate heat. When used for treating toenail fungus, the heat will be directed to the affected toenail so it can reach the fungus in the nail bed, which is where it thrives. The infected tissue will then be gasified and then decompose, killing the fungal infection.

The Results of Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

Some individuals see great results with just one laser treatment, while others may need extra sessions depending on their specific results. Obvious signs that the treatment is working include:

  • The disappearance of flaky debris on the infected nail
  • Resolution of brown, white, or yellowish discoloration in the infected toenail
  • Normal texture and shape of new toenail growth without the modified shape, bumps, or thickness
  • Resolution of onycholysis, which happens when the toenail detaches from the nail bed

A session of laser treatment for toenail fungal infection usually lasts approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Toenail fungal infections typically need a couple of laser sessions with your foot doctor in our Carmel, IN, or Indianapolis, IN, office before completely going away. Additionally, depending on the severity of the toenail fungus and your specific circumstances, it might take about six months to 18 months of laser treatment to experience the full effects of the treatment.

Need More Information on Laser Toenail Fungal Treatment? Talk to Us

Schedule a visit with your foot doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Agricola, here at Prestige Podiatry. Dial (317) 881-0070 to reach our Indianapolis, IN, office or (317) 846-4111 to reach our Carmel, IN, office.

By Carmel Foot & Ankle
June 12, 2018
Category: Toenail Fungus
Tags: laser treatment  

Toenail FungusPatients who use public showers or pools often experience a foot condition called toenail fungus. It is an infection caused by fungi living in and around the nail. Cases of toenail fungus can be successfully treated by a foot doctor at Prestige Podiatry in Carmel and Indianapolis, IN.

Toenail Fungus Effects
If you notice that your toenails have taken on a yellow or brownish color and are thick, chipped, and flaky, this is one of the clearest signs of toenail fungus. Toenail fungus can also make your toes emit an unpleasant smell. If you notice a strange odor on your socks or inside of your shoes, this may be the presence of a fungus infection. In extreme cases, the nail can detach from the nail bed, presenting a new risk to your foot health, so this is not a problem you should ignore.

Traditional Treatments
The traditional way of curing toenail fungus is to apply an antifungal medicine, such as a cream or special nail polish. This method sometimes works, but sometimes it takes a long while to see the positive effects. It can also be messy and difficult for patients to remember to apply the medicine regularly. Oral antifungal medication can also help but may come with undesirable side effects.

Benefits of Laser Treatment
Today the preferred method of curing toenail fungus cases is to use lasers. During a laser treatment, your Carmel and Indianapolis foot doctor applies laser heat through a special wand that eliminates the fungus and stops the infection. Healthy nail tissue begins to grow over the next few weeks. Lasers are pain-free and provide fast results and relief. The fungus could be neutralized after just one short appointment.

Take Care of Your Toes
Your toenails provide your feet with much-needed protection, so it is important that you take good care of them. Contact a Carmel and Indianapolis, IN foot doctor to get treatment for toenail fungus using a laser procedure. Call (317) 846-4111 for the Carmel, IN, office or (317) 881-0070 for the Indianapolis, IN, office today to schedule a visit with Dr. Jeffrey Agricola at Prestige Podiatry.

By Carmel Foot & Ankle
September 16, 2016
Category: Foot Health

Having toenail fungus can make you self-conscious of wearing certain shoes or going barefoot and even become painful and cause toenail fungusfurther problems over time. In the past, toenail fungus treatments relied on topical and oral medications. However, thanks to advances in medical technology, laser treatment for toenail fungus can be an efficient and fast treatment, especially when used alongside other anti-fungal treatments. Learn more about laser therapy for toenail fungus with Dr. Jeffrey Agricola at Prestige Podiatry in Greenwood, Carmel and Indianapolis, IN.

How does laser therapy work? 
Laser therapy uses a special wand attached to a machine to emit laser light pulses. The light heats the fungus and kills its cells, leaving the surrounding healthy tissues unharmed. Unlike topical treatments applied to the nail, the light easily penetrates the toenail and reaches down to the nail’s bed and the skin underneath. Traditional treatments can take months before the patient sees results.

What is the laser therapy procedure like? 
First, the patient finds a comfortable position on a treatment table. The podiatrist aims the wand’s laser end at the affected toenail and moves it along the nail, maneuvering it over its surface with up and down motions. The procedure is not painful and has no side effects other than slight soreness afterward in some patients. Most laser therapy sessions take only a few minutes, allowing patients to go back to their daily lives after their appointment.

Laser Therapy Treatment for Toenail Fungus in Greenwood, Carmel and Indianapolis, IN 
Laser treatment for toenail fungus is often used alongside oral or topical anti-fungal medications. Medicated nail polish and cream are popular choices in treating toenail fungus. In severe cases of toenail fungus, your doctor may suggest removal of the toenail from the nail bed. Dr. Agricola can help you understand these procedures and determine which one is the best for you and your toenails.

For more information on laser therapy for toenail fungus, please contact Dr. Agricola at Prestige Podiatry in Greenwood, Carmel and Indianapolis, IN. Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Agricola today!