Could You Be Dealing With an Ankle Sprain?

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Could You Be Dealing With an Ankle Sprain?

Find out if the symptoms you are experiencing could be warning signs of an ankle sprain.

An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments of the ankle are overstretched or torn. Even though sprains affect ligaments and strains affect tendons and muscles, these injuries can often mimic each other. Therefore, it can be rather challenging to determine whether you’ve sprained your ankle without the help of our podiatrist in Carmel and Indianapolis, Dr. Jeffrey Agricola.

What are the symptoms of an ankle sprain?

The most common warning signs of a sprained ankle include,

  • Ankle pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Pain when putting weight on the injured ankle
  • Stiffness

Since many ankle injuries can present with the same symptoms it’s important to see your Indianapolis foot doctor right away if you begin to experience any ankle problems. Our podiatrist will examine the ankle and determine if you have an ankle sprain or if there is something more serious going on. Sometimes imaging tests (e.g. X-rays; MRI) are recommended in order to make sure there are no fractures or serious ligament damage present.

What can cause an ankle sprain?

Anytime a foot rolls or twists, this forces the ankle joints out of alignment. This sudden, violent movement can result in an ankle sprain. It’s most common to sprain your ankle during physical activity; therefore, if you are an athlete you could be at an increased risk for ankle injuries.

How are sprained ankles treated?

The most important thing that someone with an ankle sprain can do is to rest and stay off the affected foot. Mild sprains can often be treated with simple at-home care. Home care for sprains often includes,

  • Elevating the ankle to reduce swelling
  • Taking anti-inflammatories and pain relievers
  • Bandaging or bracing the ankle to support and stabilize
  • Icing the ankle for 20-30 minutes, 3-4 times/day to reduce swelling

Those with more severe sprains may need to use crutches to avoid putting any weight on the torn or damaged ligaments. In rare cases, surgery may actually be necessary. Surgery is performed when damage to the ankle’s ligaments are so severe that it could lead to long-term instability, weakness, and pain. If your sprained ankle isn’t responding to home care, it’s time to speak with a podiatrist who can help.

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If you or a loved one is showing signs of an ankle sprain, then it’s time to turn to the foot and ankle experts at Prestige Podiatry. With offices in Carmel and Indianapolis, IN, Dr. Agricola and his team make it easy to get the fast, reliable foot care you’ve been looking for. Dial either (317) 846-4111 for the Carmel office or (317) 881-0070 for the Indianapolis location.