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How to Avoid Toenail Fungus

Find out how to prevent toenail fungus from affecting your healthy feet.

Fungus is all around us, but many people can go their whole lives and never have to deal with a toenail fungal infection. Unfortunately, Toenail Fungusnot everyone is so lucky. If you are prone to these infections and are looking to prevent them from happening in the future, then follow these helpful hints from the office of your Indianapolis foot doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Agricola.

Don’t wear the same shoes all the time

Whether a running session left your feet sweaty or you got caught outside in the rain, if your shoes are still damp, then don’t wear them! In fact, you should be alternating between shoes all the time to reduce your chance of a toenail fungal infection. You might be surprised to hear that even wearing the same shoes two days in a row could put you at risk. Also, remember to put damp or wet shoes out in the open so they can properly air-dry.

Choose breathable socks

You want air to be able to reach your feet even when they are in socks and shoes. Making sure that air can circulate will also reduce your chance of an infection. Choose breathable shoes (for instance, those made from leather) and socks (synthetic materials can wick away sweat), and talk to your Indianapolis podiatrist about which shoes and socks are best for your feet.

Trim your nails properly

It might sound strange, but there is actually a bad way to trim your toenails. The next time you pick up those clippers, remember to cut your nails straight across rather than at an angle, and never trim too far (the toenail should line up with the tip of the toes). If you need help trimming your toenails, then your Indianapolis podiatrist can help.

Protect feet in public areas

When going to public pools, gym showers, and locker rooms, you’ll want to wear shoes that protect your feet from these moist environments. They can be breeding grounds for some pretty nasty fungus, so keep those flip flops on as you walk around the community pool.

Clean shoes regularly

Even when you aren’t wearing the same shoes for days in a row, you may still want to consider using an antibacterial spray in your shoes. Also, wash socks in hot water to kill any fungi. For added protection, use antifungal powder on your shoes and socks before wearing them. This will be particularly helpful during hot days when feet sweat more.

If you are currently dealing with a fungal infection and over-the-counter treatments aren’t alleviating your symptoms, then it’s time you turned to your Indianapolis podiatrist for help. We are here to address all of your foot care needs. Turn to Prestige Podiatry to keep your feet healthy and happy!