Indianapolis Podiatrist: Don't Let Your Shoes Cause You Trouble

Indianapolis Podiatrist: Don't Let Your Shoes Cause You Trouble

Indianapolis PodiatristYou might think that your pair of high heels or flats needs to be broke in. The pain you feel when wearing those shoes may be a warning sign of further foot damage. Your foot doctor in Indianapolis identifies the guilty party of shoes.

Stilettos, Wedges and Boots 

Many women complain of foot pain after wearing high heels for a long period of time. That’s normal. High Heels cause your toes to point downward while the arch and heel of your feet are elevated. It’s an awkward position because you are putting most of your weight on the balls of your feet. Any heels that are more than 2 ½ inches can cause the following foot problems:

Flats and flip-flops

Buying flats or flip-flops won’t solve your foot problems—it may cause more. Although flats and flip-flops don’t have raised heels, they also don’t support the feet as well as they should. They give you no arch support, unless you use orthotic inserts. Your feet may get stronger because you work your feet muscles harder, but flats and flip-flops still put a strain on your feet’s natural padding. Flats and flip-flops can cause:
  • Sore arches
  • Heel pain
  • Stress fractures
  • Inflammation
  • Tendonitis
Bunions, heel pain and other foot problems can be properly treated and diagnosed by Dr. Jeffrey Agricola, podiatrist in Indianapolis, IN, at Prestige Podiatry. What foot problems are you having? Let us know in the comments!