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Treating Your Ankle Sprain

Your podiatrist in Indianapolis, and Carmel, IN, can help with a sprained ankle.

Ankle sprains can happen with something as simple as walking off of a curb, walking on uneven ground, or stepping into a hole in the ground. In fact, sprained ankles are some of the most common injuries. The good news is, your podiatrist knows how to treat your sprained ankle, so you can get back to your active life.

Dr. Jeffrey Agricola at Prestige Podiatry in Indianapolis, and Carmel, IN, offers comprehensive foot and ankle services, including treatment for a sprained ankle.

An ankle sprain is caused when your ankle suddenly twists. The tendons and ligaments are stretched, which can cause inflammation and swelling. A sprained ankle also causes considerable pain when you put your weight on the ankle.

These are some of the signs and symptoms you may experience when you sprain your ankle:

  • You may hear a popping sound
  • Your ankle may bruise and swell
  • Your ankle feels tight and stiff
  • You have difficulty moving your ankle
  • You can’t put weight on your foot without pain

When you first sprain your ankle, you may be able to minimize pain and swelling if you:

  • Rest and elevate your ankle
  • Put ice on your ankle
  • Wrap your ankle in a compression bandage

If you are experiencing moderate to severe pain, swelling, and bruising, you need to visit your podiatrist. Your podiatrist has several ways to treat a sprained ankle, including:

  • Stretching exercises and physical therapy to keep you flexible and mobile
  • Prescription-strength anti-inflammatory medication to reduce inflammation
  • Using a walking boot or cast to support your ankle while it heals

Your risk of suffering an ankle sprain increases as you get older, or if you have strength or balance problems.

Don’t let a sprained ankle keep you on the couch! Your podiatrist can help heal your ankle sprain.

To find out more about how your podiatrist can help, call Dr. Agricola of Prestige Podiatry in Indianapolis, and Carmel, IN, at (317) 846-4111 or (317) 881-0070 now!