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Treatment Options For Bunions

Bunions can be difficult to live with and can cause issues when wearing shoes that may not fit perfectly. It’s important to talk to your foot doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Agricola, at Prestige Podiatry in Carmel and Indianapolis, IN, about what treatments would be best for you and easing any bunion pain you may struggle with.

Ways to Treat Bunions

When dealing with bunions, it’s important to seek treatment from your Carmel and Indianapolis, IN, foot doctor sooner rather than later. Bunions are a bone deformity that forms at the bottom of the joint of the big toe. Bunions appear as a bulge on the side of the foot next to the big toe. You may experience pain because of the bunion rubbing against the sides of your shoes and the skin may become red and tender.

Since bunions are a bone deformity, they will not go away on their own, but there are ways that you can relieve the pain associated with bunions. Some common forms of treatment may include:

  • Protective Padding- This is normally made of a felt-like material and is used to stop friction from irritating the bunions and helps to remedy any inflammation happening to the skin.
  • Wearing Fitted Shoes- Wearing shoes that may be too tight and cause the bunions to rub against the sides of your shoes. It may also cause your bunions to feel sore and painful. In order to help your bunions feel comfortable and cut down on irritation, it’s important to wear shoes that fit properly and can give your feet the room and space they need.
  • Orthotics- Orthotics are designed to help stabilize your joints and keep your feet in the correct position.
  • Foot Exercises- There are a number of exercises designed to help your foot mobility and stop your feet from feeling stiff when on your feet for a long time.
  • Splints- Your foot doctor may recommend wearing nighttime splints to help keep the joints aligned properly.
  • Surgery- Depending on the severity of your bunions, you may need to undergo surgery in order to remove the bunion and realign the big toe.

Contact Your Foot Doctor Today!

Stop suffering from bunion pain and contact your doctor about treatment today! Call Dr. Jeffrey Agricola at Prestige Podiatry in Carmel and Indianapolis, IN, at (317) 846-4111 for the office in Carmel, IN, and (317) 881-0070 for the office in Indianapolis, IN, today!