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Treatment Options for Toenail Fungus

If your toenails have significantly changed in appearance, shape, texture, or smell over the past few weeks or months, they could be toenail fungusaffected by toenail fungus. One of the latest treatment options available for patients who have chronic cases of toenail fungus is laser therapy. This non-invasive, highly effective solution is available from a foot doctor at Prestige Podiatry in the Greenwood, Carmel, and Indianapolis, IN, area.

Toenail Fungus Symptoms
When healthy, a toenail is flesh-colored, smooth, hard, and firmly attached to the nail bed. Here are a few symptoms of what may be a toenail fungus problem:

  • Yellow, brown, green, or chalky white nail color.
  • Toenails become thick, brittle, and flake or shed.
  • And unbearable itching sensation around and beneath the nail.
  • An unusual odor that you can smell in your socks or shoes.
  • In advanced cases, the nail starts to lift from the nail bed.

Treatment Options
In some cases, patients can get rid of the fungus by using topical creams or sprays. But some patients have chronic cases that either persist for long periods of time or come back soon after the toes are treated. A foot doctor at Prestige Podiatry in the Greenwood, Carmel, and Indianapolis area can treat stubborn cases more effectively with laser toenail fungal treatment. The laser sends a beam of light energy to the nail, eliminating the fungus. Healthy nails begin to grow, replacing the infected parts.

Keeping Your Toenails Healthy
Toenail fungus grows due to certain repeated behaviors and activities. These are a few ways you can avoid having a problem with toenail fungus in the future:

  • Wear flip-flops when you walk poolside and dry your feet as well as your body before you relax in the sun. Be sure to shower, rinse, and dry your feet completely after pool-time.
  • Do not use publish showers without wearing protective footwear.
  • Spray the inside of your shoes and sneakers with your anti-fungal spray.

Get Help Treating Your Toenails
If you’ve tried at-home therapies to get rid of toenail fungus and nothing is working, get help from a foot doctor at Prestige Podiatry in the Greenwood, Carmel, or Indianapolis, IN, area. Call (317) 846-4111 for the Carmel, IN, office or (317) 881-0070 for the Indianapolis, IN, office to set a date to see Dr. Jeffrey Agricola.