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When You Should See A Podiatrist

Have you ever consulted a podiatrist? You should because your feet and ankles are really complex. They take you everywhere, play sports, allow you to work and more. At Prestige Podiatry in Indianapolis or Carmel, IN, our podiatrist is Dr. Jeffrey Agricola. He treats kids to seniors and everyone in between, helping them stay on their feet, enjoying the daily activities they love.

Feel, look and function

So, how are your feet today? If they hurt, look different in terms of color or configuration or can't easily bear your weight and carry you through the day, see your podiatrist in his Indianapolis or Carmel, IN, office.

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) reports that 77 percent of American adults have had some type of foot discomfort, injury or other condition. However, only a third of that number sees a foot doctor about the problem.

Podiatrists are fully trained in all diseases and deformities of the foot and ankle. They take special care of diabetics who frequently have impaired circulation, nerve function and wound healing in their feet and ankles. Plus, podiatrists know all about footwear, shoe inserts, and other ways to help you walk comfortably and efficiently.

Finally, a podiatrist such as Dr. Agricola knows the wear and tear sports cause. Whether you're an amateur athlete or a professional, he can help you optimize your foot function, avoid injury, train efficiently and heal problems that arise as you play your favorite game.

When should you come to Prestige Podiatry?

We encourage you to come twice a year if you are diabetic. Preventive care is critical to your well-being and could prevent wounds, or ulcerations. Also, see us if you:

  • Have foot or ankle pain which persists beyond a day or two
  • Have ingrown toenails, corns, calluses or wonder if a bunion is forming
  • Begin a new sport
  • Have fungal toenails or Athlete's foot which just goes on and on

Dr. Agricola will examine you, watch how you walk, discuss your symptoms and formulate a treatment plan focused on your specific needs and desired outcomes. He approaches most problems conservatively at first and suggests more complex treatments, such as surgery, when other strategies don't help.

Come see us

At Prestige Podiatry, Dr. Jeffrey Agricola and his staff know feet. They can help you maintain your podiatric health. For a personal consultation or help with a specific issue, call our Indianapolis office at (317) 881-0070. For the Carmel, IN, location, phone (317) 846-4111.