What Is A Podiatrist


Podiatrist in Carmel, Indianapolis, and Greenwood, IN While you might be able to handle some foot problems all on your own, there comes a time in most people’s lives where they need professional care. Here at Prestige Podiatry in Indianapolis and Carmel, we believe that everyone deserves to have quality foot and ankle care when they need it most. No matter your age, you could benefit from what a podiatrist can offer you.

What Does a Podiatrist Do?

A podiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in caring for your feet and ankles. This means that a podiatrist is able to provide care and services to prevent, diagnose, and treat a wide range of foot and ankle problems. Podiatrists can even perform surgeries when necessary.

The goal of our podiatrist, Dr. Agricola, is to make sure that your feet and ankles function properly and aren’t causing you any problems. Of course, it’s also important to recognize that foot doctors can also handle more minor issues such as ingrown toenails and athlete’s foot.

When should you visit a podiatrist?

It’s important to be able to understand when a foot problem is worth handling yourself and when you need a medical professional for help. After all, no one should have to put up with nagging foot problems when often there is a simple and easy solution. Here are some problems in which visiting a podiatrist is a good idea:

  • Chronic or severe foot pain
  • Sudden or severe ankle pain
  • Not being able to put weight on your foot or ankle
  • Ankle instability or weakness
  • Painful bunions
  • Foot swelling
  • Numbness or tingling

It’s particularly important that those with diabetes pay attention to any changes in their feet (even the smallest problems such as a cracked heel or callus could turn serious) and turn to a podiatrist right away for treatment.

Of course, even if you aren’t experiencing foot or ankle problems it’s still a good idea to visit your podiatrist regularly. After all, just as you get routine dental checkups and annual medical exams, you should also come in once a year for a routine foot exam to make sure everything is healthy.

Furthermore, we can also provide tips and advice for properly caring for your feet. This might include offering up recommendations for specific shoes to wear based on your physical activity level or profession or creating custom orthotics to fix certain structural imbalances to reduce your chances of developing foot problems in the future.

If you are dealing with foot and ankle problems in Indianapolis or Carmel, IN, then call Prestige Podiatry at (317) 846-4111 or (317) 881-0070 to schedule an appointment with us. Get back on your feet in no time.